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Air conditioning company reports improved reliability with Mercedes vans

Oxford Air Conditioning offers a complete air conditioning and refrigeration service, monitoring clients' installations via its bespoke asset management software. Its customers are located nationwide, but primarily in London and the Home Counties.

The company purchased its first three Vito models from the city branch of Rygor, Britain’s largest Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Dealer, in 2012. It now runs a number of vehicles from the mid-sized range, including its first New Vito. The 116 BlueTec Long arrived shortly after its first Citan small vans – both are 111 CDI models with fuel-efficient 110 hp engines.

“We’ve tried other manufacturers’ vans in the past but none were as well-built, reliable and durable as a Mercedes-Benz,” confirmed managing director Darren Crawley. “Our first Citans have been assigned to engineers who undertake pre-planned maintenance. These vehicles are highly cost-effective to operate and ideally-sized for this type of work.

"The Citan’s Extra-long body means they can put their 1.8m ladders straight in the back and still have plenty of room for their tools. I’m assured it’s a lovely drive too – smooth, quiet and well appointed. All in all, they tell me, it’s just a great little van.”

Crucial to the appeal of its Mercedes-Benz vehicles is the back-up that Oxford Air Conditioning receives from Dealer Rygor. Its vans are the subject of Complete Care contracts under which monthly payments cover all routine maintenance costs as well as the replacement of major items such as an engine, gearbox or rear axle if required.

Contracts can also be tailored to an operator’s specific needs, an option taken up by Oxford Air Conditioning. “We work our vehicles hard so have commissioned Rygor to carry out interim safety checks every 10,000 miles,” added Mr Crawley.

Like all Mercedes-Benz Vans, Oxford Air Conditioning’s vehicles came with three-year, unlimited mileage warranties and, because they are maintained within the manufacturer’s UK Dealer Network, also benefit from additional MobiloVan cover which runs for 30 years and includes free Service 24h emergency roadside assistance.

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