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AquAid slashes fuel bills using LightFoot’s in-cab technology

AquAid, a UK water cooler supplier, has announced the successful implementation of Lightfoot’s award-winning in-cab technology within its fleet, leading to increases in fuel economy of over 15%.

AquAid's drivers have gone from 41% Lightfoot-rated 'Elite Drivers' during the blind monitoring phase to 97%, representing huge improvements to the efficiency of its drivers and fleet
AquAid’s drivers have gone from 41% Lightfoot-rated ‘Elite Drivers’ during the blind monitoring phase to 97%, representing huge improvements to the efficiency of its drivers and fleet

Using Lightfoot’s driver rewards platform, AquAid has also seen an 83% fall in instances of over acceleration, a 40% fall in severe breaking and a 38% drop in harsh cornering. Lightfoot has also brought about a 9% fall in vehicle idling.

The organisation, which delivers and services water coolers, dispensers and water boilers for over 30,000 customers nationwide. AquAid also places a high value on solutions that minimise its carbon footprint due to the nature of its work and its company policies and ethos.

Lightfoot’s ability to encourage smooth driving, cutting the production of carbon emissions and harmful particulates linked to NOx, played a big part in AquAid’s decision to integrate Lightfoot’s realtime driver guidance and rewards package, resulting in a 15% reduction in emissions produced by its Lightfoot enabled vehicles since installation.

Michael O’Donoghue, operations director at AquAid, said: “We’re seeing savings not only in fuel, but in all aspects of the fleet.

“Having had tracker systems fitted for many years, we noticed the driving style rarely improved across the fleet, no matter what incentive we gave the delivery staff.

“That was an issue for us as water is heavy, and inefficient driving impacts all areas of the fleet. Poor driving leads to additional money spent on brakes, brake discs and other vehicle parts. Add in the cost of down-time when a vehicle is off the road, the cost of hiring a vehicle and insuring it, plus the administration of organising this, and Lightfoot’s driver focussed solution was a no-brainer.

“Initially, I thought drivers might resist the in-cab device, but that’s not been the case. Our drivers are entirely on board and we’ve seen improvements universally. Now, drivers actively take pride in their results, striving to be at the top of our inter-office leagues, which show the performance of our drivers weekly, while unlocking competitions to win prizes that reward their smoother driving style.”

Mark Roberts, Lightfoot’s founder and CEO, commented: “Our in-cab technology helps the AquAid stay true to its values by delivering a lower carbon footprint for its fleet, whilst at the same time improving the well-being of its drivers through smoother, safer driving.

“Since installing Lightfoot, AquAid’s drivers have transformed their driving style. Elite Driver numbers have leapt from 41% during the blind monitoring phase to 97% today. It’s a win-win result for all concerned.”

Lightfoot’s in-cab driver feedback uses a pocket-sized dashboard display device that uses live engine data to provide real-time visual and audible feedback to drivers. The company also produces a driver app giving full insight into their performance and score, alongside access to exclusive competitions which drivers can opt in to enter as soon as they achieve Lightfoot’s ‘Elite Driver’ standard.

In addition to the highly popular cash-prize Drivers’ Lottery, drivers can enter competitions for a range of other prizes that serve as an incentive to maintain a smoother driving style.

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