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Aramex reduces delivery time and improves efficiency using what3word addresses

Aramex has used addressing solution what3words to improve delivery efficiency in Dubai.

Aramex what3words delivery test
Aramex reduces delivery time and improves efficiency using what3word addresses

Using what3words – which assigns unique, 3 word addresses to every 3m x 3m square across the globe – Aramax drivers made deliveries in Dubai 42% faster and travelled 22% less distance, the companies said.

Aramex drivers who used traditional street addresses spent a total of 7 hours and 39 minutes trying to find delivery locations and made 25 phone calls to customers to ask for more precise directions. Meanwhile, drivers supplied with what3words addresses – a simple three letter string of common words – found all of the locations easily, without the need for a single phone call. Drivers were on the road for 4 hours and 28 minutes (a saving of 42%).

Furthermore, drivers using 3 word addresses shaved more than a fifth off the distance travelled, the companies added.

The trial took place in two well-addressed areas of Dubai, where four Amarex drivers delivered packages to the same 100 locations. Two drivers were familiar with the area, Amarex said, and used traditional street addresses, while the other pair had not worked in the area before and used 3 word addresses.

Following the significant savings recorded during the trial, Aramex has subsequently integrated what3words into its core systems.

A 3 word address is a simple and accurate way to describe any location using just 3 dictionary words. ///index.home.raft, for example, can be used to find the front entrance of the what3words office in London. In some parts of the world, the 3 word locations have given addresses to places that never had accurate addressing before, including remote parts of Africa and the Favela in Rio de Janeiro.

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