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BCA launches Video Appraisal service to help buyers shortlist stock

BCA hopes the service will allow buyers to create a shortlist of vehicles to bid on before they get to the auction.

‘Time is precious for small businesses – especially for owners and managers who are trying to deal with their fleet needs, along with running the business, doing the accounts and probably selling too,’ explained Duncan Ward, BCA’s head of commercial vehicle sales.

‘With the BCA Video Appraisal service, buyers can check out potential vehicles online so that they can make a shortlist of vans that will suit their needs before they head to the auction.  Combined with the BCA Assured mechanical report – carried out by the AA – we believe we’re offering valuable assistance to time-poor enterprises that need to invest wisely in vehicles for their business,’ he added.

BCA uses the latest generation tablet technology to produce a 360-degree video of the vehicle’s interior, exterior, roof and loadbay condition.  The video runs in HD format on PC, tablet and mobile devices and, according to BCA, takes two minutes to view with a fast scroll option if required.  It also offers multiple still images with a zoom feature, to give buyers more flexibility. 

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