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CoolKit offers disconnect of Start/Stop for fridge van conversions

Many refrigeration transportation companies suffer from the engine cutting out when the vehicle enters Start/Stop mode, which in turn shuts off the power to the temperature controlled storage at the rear of the vehicle. This can cause problems as these systems require constant power during transportation to keep them at the desired temperature.

Most Start/Stop systems incorporate a manual override control but CoolKit reveals that the specification for special vehicles may often require the override to be an automatic feature, especially for used vehicles.

The new interface is designed to automatically disable the ‘Start/Stop’ function on vehicles where this feature is not desired. Each application is designed specifically for a particular vehicle type and provides  control over the Start/Stop system.

Each time the vehicle engine is started, the interface automatically disengages the Start/Stop control so that manually overriding the function is not necessary. The Start/Stop function can be re-instated by the driver at any time during the journey as desired, but will automatically cancel again the next time the vehicle is started.

With the Euro 6 engine soon to be launched and more initiatives emerging for vehicle emissions, the likelihood is that most vehicles will soon be specified with a Start/Stop facility as standard.

“CoolKit have gone above and beyond in providing a solution to a major problem we had with the stop start facility on our vehicles,” commented Dave Thomas, transport manager at Metrow Foods of Leigh-On-Sea, Essex.

“The Stop/Start solution fitted to our vehicles now means we can run the fridge system without the worry of causing any damage to the vehicle itself and the manufacturers invalidating any warranty”.

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