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Crosswind Assist now standard on additional Sprinter variants

In addition, the system is also part of the standard specification for the 3.0 tonne Sprinter Panel van, short wheelbase models, Traveliner and super-high roof variants.

According to Mercedes, Chassis Cab variants usually offer a much smaller “attack” surface for side wind gusts, while large box bodies present a significantly larger surface.

Because of this, the systems have been retested specifically for each variant. Crosswind Assist also takes into account parameters such as vehicle speed, vehicle load and steering characteristics.

Its sensors detect forces acting on the vehicle through side wind gusts – be it on a bridge or when overtaking a truck, and are activated from a speed of 50mph. Through a brake actuation via ESP at the wheels of the vehicle side facing the wind, a yaw motion develops and counteracts the side wind interference. The track offset is therefore significantly reduced.

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