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Dashcam footage clears UPS van driver after supercar crash

Digital camera footage has been used to clear a van driver working on behalf of UPS after a £180,000 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder was written off in Northamptonshire.

The footage from the onboard Camera Telematics Street Angel device in the van was able to prove that the van driver was not at fault

The crash took place in November 2020 and saw the supercar driver later allege to the media that he had been following a bend in the road when the van driver “came out of nowhere” and hit him.

However, the footage from the onboard Camera Telematics Street Angel device in the van was able to prove that the van driver was not at fault.

It meant that Crouch Logistics, which runs the vehicle as a sub-contractor to UPS, was not liable for what would have been a very expensive insurance settlement.

Chris Crouch, managing director of Crouch Logistics, said: “Our decision to install Street Angel on our fleet of vehicles has been completely vindicated by the performance of the Camera Telematics’ kit in determining who was liable for the accident – particularly as the Lamborghini driver contested that the UPS driver was at fault. Having accurate footage from Street Angel proved in court that the Lamborghini driver was liable for the accident and that the UPS driver was in the clear.”

With many insurers still insisting on a 50/50 settlement in order to conclude a claim, having footage of an event provides irrefutable evidence.

Camera Telematics’ Street Angel works by using 4G connectivity to continually record video evidence of the journey and the vehicle’s surroundings on to the internal memory, based on accelerometers to measure g-force in all directions.

If a g-force parameter is breached, the device instantly uploads a video clip of the event to the cloud, while generating an instant email alert to the fleet manager notifying them of the event and including vital data such as the date, time and vehicle registration, along with a link that the user can click on and watch the video straight away.

The data provides accurate and admissible evidence that can be used to defend or mitigate an insurance claim. The Street Angel solution also includes a 360-degrees option to monitor cargo, vehicle side, reversing and driver angles, along with forward-facing.

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Written by Natalie Middleton

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