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Delivering in London now more challenging than ever, finds FTA

The survey, carried out in partnership with Road Transport Media (RTM) quizzed operators on their experiences in the city and asked about issues including penalty charges, vulnerable road users and the London Lorry Control Scheme. The majority of respondents named increased traffic as the biggest concern.

Christopher Walton, RTM Group Managing Editor, said: “Congestion is overwhelmingly the number one factor when it comes to the challenges of delivering in London, with vulnerable road users and too many compliance schemes both very close in second place.”

“FTA believes there are many improvements that can be made without compromising the efficiency of transport operations, such as reforming night-time delivery restrictions, avoiding lorry bans and increasing enforcement of existing HGV legislation,” added FTA's head of policy for London, Natalie Chapman.

The RTM is holding a Freight in the City Expo on 2 November to explore how delivering in London can be cleaner, safer and quieter.

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