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Direct Line offers savings of 20% off van insurance

Quotes are valid for 30 days, and owners of multiple vans qualify for 15% off every additional van that is insured.

Direct Line provides cover for a range of vans and commercial vehicles, including pick -ups up to 3.5 tonnes. The policy includes up to £500 worth of cover for tools as standard, as well as protection for sign writing and internal racking.

The policy also includes replacement van hire within 24 hours of an accident, while Direct Line has a target of 5 days to repair any damage.

Melissa Hunt, business manager at Direct Line for Business, commented: ‘For small businesses looking to reduce their overheads, getting 20% off a van insurance policy could make a big difference. What’s more, for those with more than one van, not only will they benefit from our offer in respect of the first van, but they’ll get the multi-vehicle discount on any additional vans.’

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