EST & IFW launch green fleet consultancy services

The EST’s green fleet consultancy services, funded by the Department for Transport, which are intended to demonstrate how fleets can cut costs and their carbon footprints. Typical clients under previous initiatives have potentially saved up to £145,000 and 235 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year during the period 2013-2015.

The EST consultancy is designed to help fleets:

  • Improve fleet mileage management
  • Optimise the use of fuel efficient, clean vehicles using whole-life cost analysis,
  • Reduce grey fleet usage
  • Affect driver behaviour change
  • Adopt best practices in fuel management
  • Explore the business case for ultra low emission vehicles, such as electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, within fleets.

As a Government-funded initiative, the consultancy service is available to SME and public sector fleets in England with vehicles under 3.5 tonnes. Following initial fleet analysis, an indepth report with detailed recommendations is presented to the fleet operator, with the offer of support to help implement the recommendations, along with future follow-ups.

The relationship with IFC Group continues a partnership that goes back a number of years and has included in the past, the evaluation of eco-driving training as a means of reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

The latest collaboration involves indepth and strategic fleet analysis and report writing by IFC, in conjunction with the EST, to help fleets identify the best green paths for them to follow. 

IFC Group sales director, Paul Chater said: “We are delighted to be carrying on our collaboration with the EST to offer green fleet consultancy services to fleets that want to look at reducing costs and cutting carbon emissions.

“This seems to us to be a very worthwhile mission at a time when the latest sales figures suggest growing interest and awareness of the benefits of running a number of EVs and plug-in hybrids on the fleet,” he said.

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