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Evidence suggests increasing speed limits for lorries could make rural roads safer, says RAC

Commenting on the announcement, RAC spokesman, Pete Williams, said: ‘While it may seem counterintuitive on the face of it to suggest higher speeds create safer roads, there is good evidence from trials in Europe to support the idea that raising speed limits on some roads has helped to reduce accident rates.

‘A two-year trial in Denmark has seen speed limits on some rural roads increased from 80km/h (50mph) to 90km/h (56mph). Results there showed that some slower drivers raised their speed slightly, while faster drivers slowed down.

‘Although average speeds on the roads remained almost the same, the smaller difference between faster and slower traffic resulted in fewer collisions and fewer deaths, according to police findings.

‘They said the move has helped reduce frustration among faster drivers, and stopped them from performing dangerous overtaking manoeuvres.

‘The Danish study may well prove to be ground-breaking in years to come but what's needed now are more studies to establish whether this reduction occurs in all instances.’

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