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Global express courier achieves customer service improvements with M2M solution

The M2M system updates workflow progress in the back office and automatically triggers each action from the moment a customer places an order through to completion, allowing collections to be completed faster and more efficiently.

This has been made possible through integration of Crossflight's own booking and despatch software with TomTom Telematics' fleet management platform WEBFLEET.

Customers using Crossflight's global express courier, mail and logistics services can schedule collections by phone, online or by scheduling a regular collection. Once the order is logged, the system immediately identifies which driver is most appropriate to make the pick-up and sends the details directly to their in-cab navigation device. The back office receives a notification when the order has been read and again when it has been accepted by the driver.

Drivers are also able to enter a proof of delivery into the in-cab device for the deliveries they make, which is updated in the back office software and shipment tracking history. This means customers can track the progress of their order from start to finish via the Crossflight website.

‘This system has completely changed the way we work, cutting down on human error and administration time, while ensuring collections are completed more quickly,’ explained James Kelly, operations director, Crossflight.

‘Previously, we would have to phone the driver and they would need to write down the order details and address, creating health and safety issues and preventing us from reacting quickly. But the new process has allowed us to deliver higher standards of customer service and reduce phone calls by 65%,’ he added.

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