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Housing Trust reports fleet CO2 reduction of over 40 tonnes with Masternaut

Responding to City West Works' request for a system that that could not only track the location of drivers but also help reduce CO2 emissions and rising fuel costs, Masternaut provided a solution that monitors for poor driving habits through a points system where drivers are scored against vehicle economy and driving behaviour, alerting them to any bad manoeuvres they make. 

The solution has been installed across 105 of City West Works’ vehicles, with a plan to extend the contract for another two years. Since implementing Masternaut’s solution, City West Works has reported economical improvements in employee driving habits. 

Managers receive weekly email reports that monitor and record the behaviour of drivers and determines those who are exhibiting the best driving performance. Poor driving habits such as harsh; cornering, breaking, acceleration and speeding are all measured and put forward in these reports. Managers can then approach drivers performing poorly and discuss ways of improving their driving with guidance from Masternaut.

According to Masternaut, the solution also provides an additional HR benefit by enabling managers to remotely monitor their employees’ location in real time, therefore providing added security. There is also an added legal benefit, as the recordings can provide evidence against claims where customers state a tradesman has not turned up to a job.

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