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Inchcape Fleet Solutions reduces driver downtime with new tool

The system works by providing automatic monitoring for any job that lasts longer than expected, subsequently opening an escalating channel of communication with the repairer designed to find out why the vehicle remains off the road and when it will be repaired. 

IFS says the implementation of the technology has meant a massive reduction in phone calls made to service and maintenance suppliers, time wasted on hold and the number of inaccurate updates received. Not only are client vehicles spending shorter periods of time off the road but also associated costs such as hire vehicles are being reduced. 

The system also provides IFS with a range of management information that enables the firm to overview downtime activity, monitor supplier performance and KPI’s compliance, as well as offering a comprehensive audit trail of communication between IFS and the repairer. 

Karen Cottington, business development manager for 1link Service Network at epyx, said: ‘Downtime is one of the last areas of fleet management where there is widespread belief among industry professionals that it is difficult to put meaningful controls in place. However, the results being achieved by Inchcape Fleet Solutions through the system are proving that it can be done effectively.’

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