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Increase in van numbers fuels growth in conversion market

There are now more than four million vans on the road, with new registrations rising 2.9% for the first half of the year, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Cartwright Conversions, a conversion specialist based in Doncaster, has reported an upswing in demand for converted units. The company claims that many owners now do not simply need new vehicles, they require ones that are customised to their specific business requirements and this is fuelling demand for quality van conversions.

Examples include vans being fitted out with racking to accommodate tools and equipment, or turned into mobile welfare vehicles, with on-board washrooms and rest facilities for staff working out in the field. 

David Healy, Commercial Director of Cartwright Conversions, based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, said: “There has been a huge expansion of the van conversion market lately as businesses focus on making sure they get the best value out of their new vehicles.

“They want to ensure their enterprises run as efficiently as possible, and a well thought out conversion can deliver a number of efficiencies that continually boost a business’ bottom line.

“Customised racking, for instance, saves time because staff can quickly find the right tools for a job. Indeed some of our customers found that they could fit more jobs in during a day after fitting customised racking.

“Another advantage is that companies can sometimes downsize to smaller vans that are cheaper to run if a skilled converter can design a racking system that maximises storage capacity without compromising safety and quality.” 

Cartwright Conversions designs and engineers a range of welfare conversions that maximise the number of on-board welfare facilities whilst also maximising the amount of equipment and people that can be safely carried in the vehicle.

The company offers three types of racking – steel modular racking, mobile racking and mini racking which is suitable for small vehicles such as the Bipper.

he design of the mobile van racking, which is built in lightweight anodised aluminium, enables it to be re-arranged from day to day to accommodate a wide variety of sizes and shapes of equipment. Shelves can be removed with a quick release adaptor unit.

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