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Kitchen furniture specialist expands fleet with Renault

The Renault Master 125.35 P-Cab Loaders are supplied by Renault Trucks South West and are additions to DOS’ 14-strong Iveco and Ford fleet.

According to DOS, the trial vehicle’s performance including fuel economy, load area, weight carrying capacity and the relationship with Renault Trucks South West were the key factors in purchasing the vehicles.

The Renault Masters will be used for multi-drop deliveries across the UK to business users and kitchen fitters, as well as for home delivery.

Commenting on the decision to bring the new Renault Masters on to the fleet , Logistics and Operations Director, Phil Allright said: ‘We’ve been really impressed by our first Renault Master and in particular the size of the load area and weight carrying capacity. With our other vehicles we typically get 800-900 kilos but with the Renault Master we’re getting over 1,240 kilos which is obviously great news for our business. We are also currently saving money on running costs of around 7% so we are clearly keen to bring more of these vehicles on to our fleet.’

Chris Lewis of Renault Trucks South West, added, ‘I’m delighted to hear that Direct Online Services has been so happy with their first vehicle and that they have been saving money on running costs which is so crucial to running a profitable business. It’s also great to hear that they have been so impressed that they are extending the number of Renault Masters to seven in total, with a striking livery that looks great on the road.’

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