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Lightning Systems begins taking orders for converted electric Transit

Lightning Systems has announced that it is accepting orders for its new zero-emissions LightningElectric conversion for Ford Transit vans.

Ford Transit 350HD EV concept
Ford Transit 350HD EV concept

The conversion package will initially be available for heavy-duty Ford Transits (4,699kg/10,360 pounds GVW), as part of Ford’s eQVM programme (Advanced Fuel Qualified Vehicle Modifiers). Depending on battery and drive option, payload capacity is up to 1,814kg (4,000 pounds).

Technicians are said to be able to complete a LightningElectric conversion in just a few hours and features a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery from a “volume-ready world class battery supplier”. A full charge can be completed in six hours, the company added, and 30-minutes using DC rapid charge.

Ford’s vehicle warranty covers the base chassis for vehicles with the LightningElectric conversion and Ford Motor Credit financing remains available.

In the USA, converted vehicles $69,000 for a van with 50-miles range and $89,000 for 100-miles range, with deliveries expected in early 2018.

The company also produces the LightningHybrid, which is a hydraulic hybrid energy recovery system said to offer 50% NOx reductions and up to 25% fuel savings for urban drive cycles.

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