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LPG Autogas could offer solution to high emissions and smog concerns

Linda Gomersall, head of Autogas Ltd, said: 'The smog in London and the South East this week has highlighted the on-going issues of emissions in the UK. We need to act to reduce our impact as a society on the environment and our choice in vehicle fuel has a significant role to play  - particularly in helping to meet EU targets. LPG Autogas is already used by 160,000 drivers in the UK and is available from 1,400 sites.

'Research  – including a recent European study of more than 9000 vehicles – has shown that LPG Autogas out-performs petrol and diesel across key environmental criteria and could make a significant contribution today to reducing pollution if this fuel was more widely used.

'At present LPG ready vehicles are commonly available in Europe with more than 20 manufacturers providing cars and vans. However, this is not the case in the UK anymore and we are in talks with industry and Government to rectify this.  Not only can greater promotion of LPG Autogas help the UK meet emissions targets but it also provides consumers with significant financial savings as it is approximately half the price of petrol and diesel,' she added.

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