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Racking & Storage

A weighty argument!

Fleets spend considerable sums of money on telematics or fuel monitoring systems in order to improve fuel-efficiency. Many then go and specify a racking system that adds to the weight of the vehicle causing the immediate loss of any fuel efficiencies!

The economic argument is a very powerful one, but so is the argument for a racking system. Vantainer is well-known for its highly adaptable storage box system. It interconnects meaning it can reach the roof of the van, without compromising strength or safety and using fewer shelves. Space is optimised and this improves operating times because everything is organised for much easier access. However, these attributes are secondary to the fuel economies that can be made using a light-weight system.

Vantainer racking is manufactured using aluminium. The box storage system is ABS and is extremely light-weight in comparison to alternatives without losing any strength: It’s robust, durable and conforms to all the latest European safety regulations.

The hugely successful Vantainer system is easily transferred from van to van without the need for any internal repairs to the fabric of the vehicle. For a demonstration or more information visit: