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Telematics & Tracking

Go beyond vehicle tracking with Trakm8

Trakm8 is a leading provider of telematics, vehicle cameras and fleet optimisation. We are one of the only telematics providers to design and manufacture our telematics devices in the UK, and are proud to hold the Made in Britain marque.

Trakm8 focuses on delivering actionable insights to its customers, enabling them to improve efficiencies, reduce risk and cut carbon emissions. As a result, our clients benefit from lower insurance premiums, reduced fuel, maintenance and repair overheads, and higher workforce productivity.

Trakm8’s solutions include the market-leading RH600 4G telematics camera; innovative new Insight telematics platform; and award-winning fleet optimisation. Our Optimisation solution goes beyond basic route planning to increase vehicle utilisation and cut total fleet mileage, with clients reporting efficiency savings of up to 20% and productivity increases of up to 30%.

Trakm8 also specialises in dash cams, multi-camera systems for FORS accreditation; driver behaviour analytics, digital tachograph integration; trailer tracking; and telematics for plant equipment. Furthermore, it is an acknowledged leader in vehicle health alerts and optimising ultra-low emission vehicles. Fleet managers are increasingly turning to Trakm8 as a single-source supplier, providing an integrated, user-friendly fleet management solution.

Trakm8 has more than 250,000 live devices connected to its servers. Customers include Colas, Iceland Food and ScottishPower.


Simplify fleet management

Teletrac Navman is a multinational telematics company leveraging 25 years of experience to help fleets boost revenue and lower operating costs. We equip businesses with advanced data tools for location tracking, fuel monitoring, reporting, safety and compliance, all via one powerful, user-friendly platform.

We’re devoted to providing accurate and precise data secured by the strongest protection and controls. These tools and methods improve business’ bottom line and help them stay competitive. Teletrac Navman currently tracks nearly 500,000 vehicles owned by over 40,000 organisations on six continents, making us one of the world’s largest fleet management providers.

Teletrac Navman’s ever-evolving fleet management technologies offer a unique combination of features, functionality, compliance and workflow solutions paired with unparalleled platform reliability.

Teletrac Inc. and Navman Wireless brought their strengths to the table in order to create a merged telematics powerhouse in 2015. This new brand represents the best of both companies, bringing complementary development, customer support, and data expertise to its solutions. With an industry-leading R&D budget, the new brand is set to pave the way for future innovation in the telematics space at a level greater than currently seen in the market. Working with the transportation and construction industries will continue to inform our mission: to create data-driven software solutions that conquer business problems and inspire smarter decisions.


Quartix – Vehicle Tracking

The Quartix vehicle tracking system has been installed in over 350,000 vehicles and is helping more than 10,000 customers save on fuel and insurance every day. Offering commercial fleet tracking for trucks, coaches, vans and cars throughout the UK, France and USA, the award-winning system offers a wide range of valuable features for fleet managers. Customer industries range from Construction, Security, Landscaping and everything in between.

Improving driving styles has proven to save up to 10% in fuel consumption as well as having a hugely positive impact on road user safety. With live tracking, comprehensive driving style reports, driver timesheets and management dashboards, you can easily identify your best drivers, make sense of mileage and fuel costs and improve the safety of your teams.

This year, Quartix received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation in recognition of its Safe Speed Database. An intuitive dashboard displays Driver Style League Tables and safe speed scores.

Suitable for fleet sizes large or small, Quartix offers tiered packages to best suit the needs of your business. The Quartix product representatives will take you through a short, free demo of the system and demonstrate the many ways that vehicle tracking will benefit your business.


Safer drivers, safer fleets

More than a quarter of all road traffic incidents involve somebody driving as part of their work at the time. In 2016 alone, people driving for work were involved in collisions where 529 people were killed.

Does driver behaviour play a part in this? And is there something that fleet operators could be doing to reduce crash rates and ultimately save lives?

Yes, and yes.

Visual evidence when it matters most

In-cab video monitoring has been proven time and again to help improve poor driver behaviour and overall fleet safety – but not in isolation.

For example, integrated in-cab video solutions allow videos to be automatically added to driver profiles and tied to specific reports that depict relevant triggered events. This provides the opportunity for:

  • Video-led driver coaching and training
  • Post-crash analysis
  • Crash prevention and reduction
  • Subrogation of insurance claims

Indeed, in-cab video is a great way to spot and correct unsafe driving behaviours such as speeding, harsh acceleration, hard braking and corner handling. This information is very useful when determining how to best handle claims, resolve quickly to reduce settlement cost, or fight the claim knowing the video will exonerate the company from fault.


Fleet management out of the office – still in control

Accessing and actioning telematics data from your desk is easy, but what do you do if you are constantly on the go?

Verizon Connect has the answer, with their recently released spotlight app. It is the perfect companion to the Verizon Connect Fleet platform and great for anyone who needs to manage a mobile workforce, via an IOS or Android powered phone or tablet.

Check the pulse of your business anywhere and at any time, with quick access to your most critical information points around asset utilisation, driver safety and vehicle maintenance. You can now:

  • Address urgent maintenance issues with vehicle health alerts direct to your mobile device.
  • See where all your drivers are on the map, who’s nearby and what their current status is.
  • Organise jobs or deliveries effectively with visibility on workers close to key business sites.
  • See current and past performance scores for a range of metrics including safety and efficiency.

Verizon Connect knows that the demands placed upon fleet managers are varied and numerous. Telematics is an invaluable tool to help keep track of company assets, drivers and the work they do. To find out more, visit

0203 005 8805