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Mina trials ‘EV Fuel Card’ home charging solution with Mitie’s EV fleet

Electric Vehicle tech company Mina has begun a trial partnership with Mitie Group to support its transition to an electric fleet using Mina’s software that allows fleets to manage, monitor and pay for electric vehicle charging at employees’ homes.

Mitie's first electric vans
Mitie’s first electric vans

Mina is now trialing its ‘EV fuel card’ system with a test group within the +500-strong Mitie EV fleet. Mitie had previously stated that a barrier to mass EV adoption was the management of paying employees for the electricity used to charge their vehicles when plugged in at home.

Mina’s software integrates with existing charge points installed at Mitie employees’ homes, as well as the home owner’s energy supplier, to offer payment of EV energy via its proprietary dashboard. Mina offers full transparency to a fleet manager, who can view the amount of energy used and help avoid the need for expense forms used by employees to claim for energy used to charge their electric vehicle.

In addition, drivers are able to input a personal/business miles split into their driver portal, which is recorded using a separate tracking tool to help ensure that businesses only pay for business miles and likewise that employees don’t end up paying for business mileage in their domestic energy bill.

Fleets can save money by benefiting from drivers charging at home too, thanks to the low cost per kWh of domestic energy compared to public charging.

Ashley Tate, founder of Mina Energy said: “With our unique home charging solution, drivers are able to charge their vehicles at the home with no cost or impact on their household electricity bill.”

Facilities management and professional services company, Mitie, is committed to switching 20% of its entire 5,500 fleet to electric by the end of this year, with a 100% zero carbon fleet by 2025, as part of its ‘Plan Zero’.

Mite’s fleet and procurement director, Simon King, added: “We’re proud of Mitie’s ambitious commitment to convert our entire fleet to zero emission vehicles in just five years, while also support other businesses in making the switch. With the majority of our fleet based at employees’ homes, paying for charging directly not only makes things simpler for our business, but it’s the right thing to do by our people too. We’re excited to be working with Mina to bring this unique and innovative solution to Mitie’s and our customers’ fleets, so we can help get more electric vehicles on the road.”

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