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Mountjoy installs Ctrack tracking for 140-strong van fleet

Mountjoy provides flexible solutions for the housing, local government, education, health, industrial and commercial sectors. This includes maintaining a wide range of public and private sector buildings, along with more than 10,000 residential homes, from five locations in in Portsmouth, Newport (Isle of Wight), Southampton, Bristol and London.

Mountjoy’s mobile team is made up of a range of different tradesman. With this in mind, the tracking system has been set up to colour different trades, so that resource planners can easily identify the nearest and most appropriate vehicle for any reactive maintenance job. As a result, the company is looking to minimise customer response times, while reducing mileage to improve fleet efficiency.

The company will also use the Ctrack system to monitor driver behaviour to identify any excessive speeding or harsh driving. In particular, the company wants to ensure that vehicles are being driven safely in 20mph zones, especially around schools and in residential areas, so will use bespoke safety reports to help identify any areas of improvement.

Dan Carlin, financial director of Mountjoy, commented: “As a business, we believe that we have a vital contribution to make to the economy, to society and to the environment. Therefore, we have a commitment to adopt leading fleet technology solutions that are designed to improve road safety, achieve efficiencies, and reduce the business’ impact on the environment.”

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