Posted in: urges buyers to focus on car derived vans for best investment

According to, Ford Fiesta Van is the most desirable LCV, followed by Vauxhall Corsa Van and the MINI Clubvan in the used sector.

Commenting on the findings,’s LCV expert, David Hill, said: ‘Although some people still think of them as a tool box on wheels, Car Derived Vans (CDVs) are tempting because they offer exactly the same specification as you get in the car version. The Ford Fiesta van gets our vote as the highly desirable option. It has the same looks as the car and has a good reputation for reliability. You can get various specifications right up to the Sport model, with the body kit and alloy wheels. The key is to do your homework, check the history and buy at the right price.

‘In terms of CDVs that hold their value, safe bets don’t come much safer than the Vauxhall Corsa Van. Again, it looks the same as the car – you can even get a Sportive version that looks like a sports car. Because it is from the same mould as the car you don’t have to shop around for different parts. As always, it is worth checking to make sure the one you’re looking at hasn’t been clocked or written off, especially when buying privately.

‘For our “used star” in the CDV sector we’ve gone for the MINI Clubvan. It is a really nice looking van, although maybe not as practical as some of its competitors. They are a quite expensive new so picking up a three year old example means you sidestep the initial depreciation. When it comes to negotiating, remember, as well as revealing a van’s history, also provides vehicle valuations – a great tool for haggling with dealers or private sellers.’

As to market trends, Hill added: ‘As usual, the used van market slowed down over the Easter period. A few hardy buyers were still out looking for those elusive bargains, but they were mostly left disappointed; although business slowed down, prices didn’t decrease.

‘This month we have kept the majority of prices steady. The exception is the 4×4 double cab market, where we have made some adjustments – the majority being down – but that’s only to be expected at this time of year.’

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