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New Chevin tool to help fleets schedule jobs for mobile workers

Dubbed Dispatch Fitter, the tool works with Chevin's FleetWave Mobile software and enables managers to remotely create a work schedule for employees such as technicians and inspectors.

Using the tool allows companies with remote workers to create faster and more accurate working practices, as well as enabling faster invoicing.

Brendan Adams, marketing manager, said: “Many of our fleets have field workers of one or more kinds and creating efficient and dynamic schedules for them is often an ongoing problem.

“Dispatch Fitter solves this problem neatly and cost-effectively. Managers can rapidly create timed task lists that workers can access and interact with through their Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

“This is an important tool for FleetWave Mobile and one whose development has very much been driven by the requirements of our customers.”

He added that Dispatch Fitter also worked well in call centre and work booking environments, where it could be used to create schedules for mobile fitters.

He said: “This is one of those simple and effective tools that we are finding can be used in many different kinds of application.”

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