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New traffic management vehicles boost efficiency for Amey

The vehicles incorporate an innovative new body design which Amey claims make them a”game changer” for traffic management operations, with the ability to carry enough equipment for a full 2km lane closure, whilst offering multiple safety and operational benefits over larger truck chassis typically used for such deployments.

This design of the overall vehicle is the result of close co-operation between Amey and its suppliers, including bodybuilder Acklea, Strongs Plastic Products and Iveco.

Key to the vehicle’s enhanced efficiency is Iveco’s Daily 70C17 chassis, which despite a 500kg lower gross vehicle weight compared with a traditional 7.5 tonner, offers an increase of 250kg in payload capacity. Being a light commercial, Iveco claims running costs are also lower due to improved fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and there is no requirement for AdBlue. The ride height is also lower than a conventional truck chassis, ensuring easier access to the cab and enabling the body to be lower to the road, which is crucial for traffic management deployment.

Health and safety have been enhanced with the design of a "D" gate system which allows an operative to close off 50% of the cone well, enabling them to secure themselves and then pass cones from the vehicle bed onto the road through the other half of the well. This system also allows for ease of access and egress to the vehicle bed.

Operator safety is also enhanced with an audible buzzer which can be activated from the cone well to alert the driver in the event of an incident; a camera also allows the driver to monitor the vehicle bed from the cab.

Amey operates approximately 6,000 commercial vehicles in the UK, but this is the first time it has specified the Daily for a traffic management application. Other Dailys in the fleet are used as mobile elevated work platforms, and most recently the 7.0 tonne Daily chassis has been specified for tipper operations.

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