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O&H Vehicle Conversions unveils multi-use patient transport vehicle

The vehicle is designed to maximise fleet use. “Our Flex PTS vehicles can be configured to flex with changing demand from NHS Trusts, private PTS providers and hire companies” commented O&H marketing director, Lee Bott.

“Flex PTS will also reduce our levels of manufacturing change control – a saving that we would expect to pass onto the customer. For example the Flex PTS cab and saloon is common to all versions, as with the aerospace industry’s Airbus series.”

Flex PTS uses lighter, stronger aerospace-type build materials that increase vehicle durability and lower weight, helping to reduce fuel consumption and cut CO2 emissions.

Specific Flex PTS versions or ‘scenarios’ to be supplied by O&H include seated; seated with wheelchair; stretcher-capable; stretcher-wheelchair capable; bariatric/seated; and bariatric/wheelchair.


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