Silverstone Fleet Show 2014: Fleets to compete in mini-MPG Marathon

In what the organisers are billing as a “mini-MPG Marathon”, fleet managers who venture onto the Allstar Card Services Eco-driving hub on the Stowe circuit at the Show will have the opportunity to post either the Best MPG or Best Percentage Improvement over combined cycle figures. 

Ten of the vehicles operating on Stowe will be fitted with the ground-breaking Lysanda Eco-Log diagnostic system that uses telematics to report on a wide range of vehicle functions, including fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

Fleet Show organiser, Jerry Ramsdale said: ‘We have many years’ experience in running economy driving challenges through the MPG Marathon. In the marathon itself we measure fuel used on a brim-to-brim basis and measure the results over a 370-mile course.

‘Accurately measuring MPG over a short distance is far more difficult and something we have been unable to do in the past, but with the opportunity to measure both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions using Lysanda’s Eco-Log, we have found the perfect answer.’

Lysanda’s Eco-Log solution uses a totally new method of monitoring a vehicle's engine and output. Rather than directly measuring the exhaust gases, it predicts what the exhaust content should be from the various inputs to the combustion process.

The Eco-Log uses signals obtained from the vehicle's on-board diagnostic system (OBD) which is easily accessible and is used in every road-approved vehicle. These signals are processed through a suite of algorithms, which have been proven on laboratory emissions test tools.

The values used include load, engine speed, throttle angle, engine temperature and, for diesels, other values including engine load, RPM, and vehicle speed. These are plotted against the engine’s characteristics map to show where under and over performance has been achieved.

This map is populated by performing a number of standard benchmarking exercises on a number of different vehicles, ranging from light passenger cars to heavy commercial vehicles. An auto-calibration tool then interpolates the best powertrain parameter, map or measured node in each case. The emissions themselves are calculated in real time by a powerful simulation model. All these elements have been invented and patented by Lysanda.

Fleet managers taking part in the mini-MPG Marathon will be required to register their interest on the day and will be able to have as many drives on the circuit as they like. Afterwards they will be able to review every inch of their journey on a special display screen in the Eco-driving lounge in the Silverstone Wing.

Eco-driving experts – including a number of former MPG Marathon winners – will be on hand to analyse drivers’ performance and suggest ways of improving their eco-driving.

The show organisers announced recently that Silverstone’s infield Stowe Circuit will be the site of the Allstar Card Services Eco-driving Hub for a day, where the focus will be on a range of fuel and cost saving initiatives, all designed to make fleet managers aware of the wide range of products and services available in this area. 

At this year’s Show, the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit has been split in two, so that the National circuit can be used for high-speed laps, and the International Circuit for road speed drives. There is also an off-road circuit for those wishing to try one of the many 4x4s that will be on offer. 

As well as the test-driving element, the Show will again feature an indoor exhibition in halls 1-3 of the Silverstone Wing, with up to 60 exhibitors demonstrating some of the latest developments, products and services in the fleet arena.

The Show also will pioneer an exciting new seminar and training format designed to provide practical hands-on advice and guidance across a range of fleet management disciplines.

Each session will be presented by a respected and current fleet manager whose own experience in their chosen subject area will provide delegates with a case-study style learning experience.

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