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SMEs saving time & money with

The firm says quotes obtained for clients by across a wide selection of vehicles, contract lengths and mileages show up to a staggering 52% difference on monthly lease rates on the identical model with an average 27% difference between the highest and lowest monthly rental rate per vehicle.

However, as well as the financial savings customers have also pinpointed the administration efficiency as being critical in their decision to turn to to source vehicles.

Fleet decision-makers accessing the website simply provide required vehicle details including whether with or without maintenance, annual mileage and replacement period.

Within a couple of days, decision-makers will receive from a report containing quotes from a basket of leading leasing companies on a per vehicle basis in a consistent and easy to compare format enabling them to make a fully informed choice that also contains key potential supplier terms.

In addition, the team uses its procurement experience to provide a consultancy service to clients to help them maximise financial savings, select additional added value services and highlight any hidden terms and costs included within the quotes.

The service is free to end-user fleets with the company charging the supplying leasing firm a small fee per vehicle delivered.

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