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Supertrucks expands rental fleet with glass-carrying vehicles

The latest initiative is aimed at customers needing an extra truck or van to help cope with increased demand, or to replace a vehicle that is off the road as a result of accident damage or mechanical failure.

Initially, Supertrucks Rental will offer converted 3.5-tonne Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans for short- or long-term hire. Fitted with anodised external racks capable of carrying sheets of glass up to 3215mm x 2540mm in size, they also have roof racks with drop-down ladders at the rear. Inside are two more racks, one running the full length of the body, the other shorter to allow for the side door. 

Commenting on the new service, Supertracks’ manager, Dave Hill, explained: ‘Anyone whose business entails transporting big pieces of glass know well that when an urgent requirement for additional transport arises, the local van hire outlet is not an option because their vehicles are not fit for purpose.

‘Glass is a fragile product so what’s needed is a specialised vehicle, built to do the job. And that’s where we come in.There’s definitely a demand for this new service. It’s been welcomed by several customers and we’ve already taken bookings for rental vehicles.

‘Looking ahead, if Supertrucks Rental takes off as we’re confident it will, we also intend to offer rigid trucks for hire.’

Supertrucks was acquired earlier this year by the fast-growing Bevan Group

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