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Updates to Jaama’s ‘MyVehicle App’ to aid van fleet compliance

Jaama has updated its ‘MyVehicle App’ solution to bring a range of new functionality to aid fleet compliance and efficiency.

The updates to Jaama's MyVehicle App bring key compliance benefits for van fleets
The updates to Jaama’s MyVehicle App bring key compliance benefits for van fleets

Launched last year, the app provides company car and van drivers with essential fleet information while ensuring that data uploaded by drivers automatically updates Jaama’s Key2 asset management system. This in turn ‘auto triggers’ processes such as service, maintenance and repair procedures.

The latest ‘MyVehicle App’ developments include enabling Key2 system administrators to disable the ‘Add Vehicle’ option within ‘MyVehicle App’, resulting in only drivers’ allocated vehicles being displayed.

In addition, drivers are now restricted from adding a vehicle if they do not have the required licence categories to drive it. The permitted licence categories for drivers can be obtained by using Key2’s link to the DVLA for licence checking.

Latest updates also see Key2 system administrators now able to disable the ‘log accident’ option within ‘MyVehicle App’ if incidents are managed through a third-party supplier, while an audit of checks with ‘nil’ defects can now be stored within the Key2 ‘defects’ area.

‘MyVehicle App’ also retains a historic record of vehicle defects, the rectification date and other details including the name of the person signing the vehicle back on to the road. That means drivers are in possession of a vehicle’s complete defect history record if stopped by a DVSA enforcement officer.

Drivers are also now able to take a photo of a ‘critical’ defect and flag an ‘off-road’ status to a commercial vehicle via ‘MyVehicle App’, creating an ‘urgent job’ alert in Key2.

Jaama managing director Martin Evans said: “Tools that enable drivers’ ‘self-service’ are becoming an essential requirement for fleet operators, and save significant back office manual intervention.”

“‘MyVehicle App’, via auto-triggering, works in tandem with Key2 so drivers and their fleet/transport managers have all the very latest data at their fingertips to keep businesses at the cutting-edge of operational management.”

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Written by Natalie Middleton

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