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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles launches customer service charter

Developed by the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles aftersales team, the new service promise has evolved from customer feedback and the experiences of Van Centre teams across the country. Focus has been placed on a number of key areas, including: approval of work, transparency of work undertaken and overall level of service.

Volkswagen believes that the new service promise will give customers greater reassurance and confidence in the care they receive from their Van Centre, wherever they’re based in the UK.The new service promise ensures that customers will be back on the road in the shortest possible time frame, helping to minimise downtime.

Commenting on the initiative, Kevin Rendell, head of parts and service at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: ‘Our customer service promise is further proof that we continue to put our customers first every time.

‘Businesses rely on their vans and we want to make sure that our customers have peace of mind that their vehicle will continue to perform at its maximum without great amounts of disruption, additional unforeseen costs and without any broken promises. In short, we want our customers to feel like they’re always a valued business partner.'

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