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Volkswagen Crafters chosen by Pelican Rouge coffee

Coffee roasting and solutions provider, Pelican Rouge, has taken delivery of 62 Volkswagen Crafter vans.

Volkswagen Crafter - Pelican Rouge
Pelican Rouge taking delivery of their new fleet of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles; Crafters and Caddy vans at Listers Van Centre Coventry

Pelican Rouge sells more than 25,000 tons of coffee and coffee ingredients each year, which equates to approximately 8.5 million cups of coffee per day to more than 150,000 customers via the transport of coffee machines, equipment and products, the company says. The Crafters will be used to move this equipment about Europe, alongside Volkswagen Caddy vans the company also uses on its fleet.

Pelican Rouge UK runs a fleet of approximately 550 LCVs and says they chose the Crafter for its dependability and added backup and support of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Van Centre network. The company says it has plans to update its fleet with more Crafter vans, over the next 18 months.

Mark Hodgson, Pelican Rouge’s senior fleet manager for the UK and Ireland, commented: “The dedicated and extremely efficient Volkswagen network fills us with confidence in the support services that can and will be offered to us. Moving on, we are excited to take delivery of the new model over the course of the next couple of years.”

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