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Garmin develops alert system for tachograph and sensor information

Garmin’s NEW Serial Fleet Management Interface (FMI) provides drivers with a wide range of critical information in real time, clearly displayed in a simple, actionable format, e.g. how many hours a driver can be on the road before a break.

It also displays driving behaviour feedback to proactively coach drivers and improve their safety and driving efficiency, and can even be used to give awards for good driving.

Sensor Readings – on everything from low tyre pressures to the need for a service – are also given, promoting safe and economical driving, with the aim of protecting customer payload and boosting productivity.   

‘Garmin Serial-FMI 3.1 offers fleets the ability to provide essential, actionable information to their drivers and save money at the same time,’ explained Clive Taylor, Garmin’s director of fleet management & commercial business EMEA/APAC.  ‘Subtly built into the Garmin screen, it communicates critical information to the driver while avoiding dangerous distractions.’

Garmin’s Serial-FMI brings dispatch, professional navigation and traffic avoidance to fleet telematics systems.  Using the latest navigation and traffic avoidance systems it can update ETA’s more accurately – improving predictability for customers through accurate scheduling and time-sheet management

Garmin Serial-FMI 3.1 new features also include:

Alert Popup – Clearly alerting drivers on a wide range of issues via the device’s screen.

Tachograph and Sensor Display – Clearly displaying information from the tachometer and sensors.    

Long Stop (Destination) Messages – Displaying a list of Stops/Jobs in ‘’My Stops’’ with long text message support. As well as displaying long text messages in the ‘inbox’ on the unit, fleet managers can send up to 200 “canned” responses to be stored directly on a device.

Bus Speed Enhancement – Increasing speeds to 56K between the “black box” transponder and the device.

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