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AAH launches range of temperature controlled PharmaVan II models

The fleet has been built exclusively for AAH through specialist partners, ensuring product is delivered within GDP 2013 guidelines.

Each AAH van will be fitted with a Seven telematics transcan unit linked to the Seven Eye website, allowing drivers to constantly monitor the temperature of the fridge, which is maintained between two and eight degrees, and the cargo area, between eight and 25 degrees. The fridge and cargo area, which are independent of each other, continue to operate while the driver makes deliveries, and curtains have been installed help maintain temperatures.

Each vehicle comes with a full reporting suite and key AAH personnel will be able to track the vehicle’s movements as the driver is on the road. Temperatures will automatically be logged with real time temperature recording which is visible to the AAH Branch and Distribution network; an audible alarm will be triggered, and group email alert generated, if there is any deviation of temperature.  An alert notification has also been added which will signal when the doors to the cargo area are open. 

The drivers will additionally have inside, rear, forward, and two side cycle cameras for their security as well as reversing sensors with a front mirror camera display to assist with reversing and manoeuvring.

Steve Anderson, operations director at Celesio UK, AAH Pharmaceuticals’ parent company, commented: “Our AAH vans are where AAH is most visible on a daily basis and so it is important to have the very best fleet on the road. However, a successful brand is based on more than an updated look, at AAH we strive to innovate and provide the best service we can to our customers. Our new state of the art AAH fleet of Pharma Vans does just that, enabling us to deliver an enhanced pharmaceutical distribution service without compromise.”

The new fleet will officially launch on 23 November at AAH Pharmaceutical’s Support Centre, Sapphire Court, Coventry, following which there will be a Network Roadshow where the vehicles will be demonstrated to AAH drivers nationally.

“We have invested further in our Excellence in Pharmaceutical Distribution driver training programme, which will immediately include the FTA Van Excellence Certificate of Driver Competence. We are pleased to say that this makes AAH the first organisation to take their drivers through this programme,” Anderson added.

The new FTA accredited Commercial Driver Training Programme consists of eight topics, from vehicle security to safe and eco driving, and has been designed by members of the FTA Van Excellence Governance Group. Transport and branch teams will also receive the training, providing them with the knowledge to support the van drivers.

The training programme supports best practice, reinforces AAH’s internal distribution and regulatory procedures, and takes a proactive approach to risk management and post incident management. Lastly it backs the career path and achievements of AAH drivers as those who complete it will receive FTA certification, as well as an FTA Van Excellence lapel badge and special AAH uniform.

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